The manuscript "Correlation between weather and signal strength in LoRaWAN networks: An extensive dataset" has been accepted for publication as a dataset article in Computer Networks.
The authors would like to thank Marco Franchi and all the staff of Sitip Srl (Bondeno, Mantova) for providing all the hardware and the support needed for the tests.
In the following you may find the abstract, and the IRIS link to the preprint manuscript.
Abstract: Recent literature has investigated the impact of the weather environmental parameters - humidity, temperature, atmospheric pressure and rain - on LoRaWAN receivers. However, LoRa research community still lacks a large dataset containing both received signal strength indicator (RSSI) and weather parameters that can provide useful real data for experimental evaluation of their relationship. In this paper, we publicly share more than 190,000 records of RSSI, signal to noise ratio (SNR), global positioning system (GPS) information, along with temperature, humidity and pressure data obtained over a period of 85 days from LoRaWAN nodes and a weather station located in a 12 km^2 area. The dataset could be reused for finding the correlation between RSSI and weather conditions supported by real data, as well as inferring meteorological parameter, and even weather forecasting.