The LoRa technology was developed to enable low-power, high-range wireless sensor transmission. Two recent papers from the research group at the TLC&RS lab [1,2] have shown that a simple RSSI-based method can be used for localizing LoRa IoT sensors. Article [1] has been one of the most read paper of the Wiley Internet Technology Letters in 2018-2019, and recently the dataset used in this work has been included in the 2020 GitHub Archive Program. Details of the two papers follow. 

[1] E. Goldoni, L. Prando, A. Vizziello, P. Savazzi, P. Gamba, “Experimental data set analysis of RSSI‐based indoor and outdoor localization in LoRa networks,” Wiley Internet Technology Letters, 24 September 2018,
[2] Pietro Savazzi, Emanuele Goldoni, Anna Vizziello, Lorenzo Favalli, Paolo Gamba, “A Wiener-based RSSI localization algorithm exploiting modulation diversity in LoRa networks,” IEEE Sensors Journal, August 2019, DOI: 10.1109/JSEN.2019.2936764
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