Prof. Vahagn Muradyan from the State University of Erevan, Armenia, visited our Lab in May 2016 and taught a part of the Radar Remote Sensing Course of prof. Fabio Dell'Acqua. During his lectures, prof. Muradyan provided to the students extra insights on remote sensing in mountain areas, his main field of interest, which he develops also at the Armenian National Academy of Sciences in Erevan, Armenia. 

Prof. Dell'Acqua returned the visit in April 2017, teaching a short course on Remote Sensing at the State University of Erevan, Armenia. On the occasion he illustrated his research work to scientists at the State University and the Academy of Sciences. This exchange of visits was instrumental in triggering a network of joint research efforts between the University of Pavia, the two institutions in Erevan, and other Italian and Armenian research institutions in the field of remote sensing and Earth observation.

The collaborative work produced new research results on correlation at different temporal scales between environmental parameters and vegetation health and growth in Armenia. Conclusions on the extensive investigation conducted on woody areas in highest parts of Armenia was submitted as a research paper to the Elsevier Journal of Remote Sensing Applications: Society and Environment. After a round of revision, the manuscript has gained approval for publication after peer reviewing. We are proud to announce that the paper is now published "in press" as:

Vahagn Muradyan, Garegin Tepanosyan, Shushanik Asmaryan, Armen Saghatelyan, Fabio Dell'Acqua:
Relationships between NDVI and climatic factors in mountain ecosystems: A case study of Armenia
Remote Sensing Applications: Society and Environment, 2019, ISSN 2352-9385

The cooperation among Armenian and Italian research groups continues, and new results are on the horizon.